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hardcover, fully illustrated

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UKRAINIAN Embroidery by Nechyporenko NEW*
Very Rare Album,  Hard Cover

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0.530 kg

hardcover, fully illustrated

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$ 69
2.950 kg

With FULL PAGE PICTURES!!! Very Rare Album, 330 pages, Hard Cover

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$ 35
0.310 kg

2005, Hard cover, 50 pages by Miroslava Sandro

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0.950 kg

152 pages, hardcover, fully illustrated

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$ 54
1.810 kg

Ukrainian Motives in Art of Zenon Ketsala Album
Very Rare Album, 2008, 175 pages, Hard Cover

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$ 84
2.350 kg

Amazing Album, 180 pages, hardcover, fully illustrated, size 28x20 From Private Collection

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$ 79
0.130 kg

Code of Ukrainian Embroidery Album
hard cover, author: M. Chumarna, 192 pages, 29 x 21 cm

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Emroidery Ornaments of Podillya
soft cover, 2004, 160 pages

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$ 75
0.810 kg

Ukrainian Folk Embroidery by Hanna Vasylashchuk
Hard cover, vintage, Very RARE

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$ 94
2.350 kg

Borshchiv Ukrainian Folk Embroidered Shirts
Hard cover 2008, 256 illustrated pages

From Private Collection

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* NEW *


$ 89
1.105 kg

UKRAINIAN FOLK CLOTHING: middle Pidniprovya  

One of the best books on Ukrainian Clothing and Costumes there is!

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1.010 kg

Ukrainian Folk Clothing
by Stelmashchuk,

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$ 89
2.160 kg

Embroidery Of Eastern Podillia (english)
by by Yevhen Prychepiy and Tetiana Prychepiy

Fully Illustrated (color)
Hardcover, 341 pages

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$ 79
2.170 kg

Embroidery Of Eastern Podillia (ukrainian)
by by Yevhen Prychepiy and Tetiana Prychepiy

Fully Illustrated (color)
Hardcover, 341 pages

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Out of Stock
0.105 kg

Ukraine Private Collection Folk Antiques Exhibit

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$ 89
2.210 kg

The Art Of Ukrainian Embroidery
by Olena Kulynych-Starhurska

The first bookcontains the material which is the results of a long-lasting scholarly-research work on renewal of the forgotten stitches, in particular, horodotskyi, kucheriavyi, kruchenyi, different types of hladí and others, and the process of carrying out the stitches is shown by means of sketches. The second edition of this book is enlarged, the technique drawings are perfected, new stitches are added, most of which are published for first time. The work on this subject is not comprehensive yet, and is expecting future researches.
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$ 30
0.360 kg

Xeniya Kolotylo Embroidery Album
 Text in Ukrainian, German, English and French, 112p.

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$ 49
1.470 kg

Ukrainian Embroidery by Xenia
 160 pages, 1992

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$ 49
1.705 kg

My Life Embroidery
O. Voznycja, 175 pages, Hardback,

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$ 29
0.210 kg

Traditional Clothing of Cherkasy Region

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Out of Stock
0.560 kg

Ukrainian Artistic Embroidery Album


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$ 24
0.470 kg

Ukrainian Embroidery by Chernomorets

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$ 44
0.770 kg

Embroidery of a Native Land
O. Voznycja, 80 pages, Hardback,

The Album contains the samples of Ukrainian embroidery gathered in the town of Khodoriv and the surrounding villages. The pictures of embroideries of different ranges of colors and made in cross give an opportunity to acknowledge with distinctive national art of this region of Ukraine.
 The originals of the samples given in the book will be of interest for researchers and connoisseurs of national art. They also can be used in modeling national clothes.



Out of Stock
0.710 kg

Ukrainian Embroidery
by Maria Kalynyak, 113 pages

- This album is the result of over 50-year creative work of a person who connected and devoted all her life with Folk art. 
- Book contains: cross, satin, Horodok, stem, lining, cutting out, hem stitching and many other examples.
- NEARLY 200 photos of embroidered clothes, shirts, blouses, dresses and items of interior such as serviettes, embroidered pillow-cases, towels and women's adornments made of beads are included in the Album
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$ 40
0.560 kg

Ukrainian Folk Costume

The books is written in Ukrainian, English and Russian Languages. It is full of colorful illustrations on each page.

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$ 30
0.470 kg

Ukrainian Embroidery
by Kara-Vasyl'jeva Т, 160 pages

Some background historical information of Ukrainian embroidery. 
 Packed with B & W images of stitch diagrams and some color plates.


$ 85
1.800 kg

Ukrainian Folk Embroidery
K.R. Susak. N.A. Stefyuk. 279 pages. Hardback

Ukrainian Embroidery Hardback Book in English and Ukrainian with numerous full color photographs and detailed illustrations and instructions. For the first time Ukrainian folk art is presented as an educational discipline in this book.
The long forgotten stitches such as Klyuchove Shytvo, Rizhkatyi Stitch, Klyuchka, Parovana Klyuchka, Zaihlino-I, Zaihlino-II, Hutsulian Verkhoplut,  etc. have been represented practically and graphically and described in every detail.
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$ 30
0.830 kg

Ukrainian Embroidery and Threading  
E.M. Lytvynec. 335 pages. Hardback.



Out of Stock
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Embroidery of the Cossack Elite of 17th - 18th centuries
Vira Zaichenko. 200 pages. 60х90/8. Super and soft cover.

Based on collections in the Chernihiv Historical Museum, this is the most comprehensive research on the topic. 


$ 69
0.650 kg

TECHNIQUES: Embroidery of the Cossack Elite of 17th - 18th centuries (book #2)
Vira Zaichenko. 200 pages. 60х90/8. Super and soft cover.

Second book in the series
Based on collections in the Chernihiv Historical Museum, this is the most comprehensive research on the topic. Nearly 300 color fragments of embroidery in silk, gold and silver thread as well as multicolored cotton thread on sheets, ritual cloths, pillowcases, tablecloths, clothing, ecclesiastical vestments and other objects common to the households of the Cossack elite.

$ 49
0.650 kg

History of Ukrainian Costume
T. Nikolajeva, 176 pages

The rich history if Ukrainian costume is the main topic of this book. Filled with illustrations takes you step by step through the history of Ukrainians who lived through different centuries


Out of Stock
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Myhailyna Sabadash (photo-album) 
Playing time: 169 min, Language: Ukrainian, weight: 120g

Mykhailyna Sabadash employs variety of embroidery techniques. She uses satin-stich, stem-stich, and cross-stich, but her favorite stich is nizinka. This is a back-to-front layered stich. This Album illustrates great variety of her work in wonderful and colorful pictures.  

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$ 130
2.600 kg

Ukrainian Chronicle Of Clothing (Vol. 2)

The book is full with illustrations, archeological researches, decor art of Ukraine. Amazing book!

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$ 95
2.310 kg


Ukrainian Costume: Hope for the Renaissance
by Vira Man'ko 318 pages, Kyiv, 2005, 12x9 inch, Hardcover

High quality color publication on a heavy gloss paper. It is a unique by its content and design book where for the first time in Ukraine were presented highly artistic complexes of national clothing of Ukrainian people, which were traced from historical and artistic reconstruction materials. A great number of sources of ethnography, iconography, and fine arts have been used to open historical value of Ukrainian costume, its meaning for national and world culture.
Book has English descriptions in addition to Ukrainian texts.
More Pictures: | Picture1 |





$ 60
1.700 kg

Ukrainian Folk Cloth
Olena Nykorak. 583 pages. 2004



$ 69
1.360 kg

Butterfly Memories: memories and embroidery designs
Iryna Senyk. Harcover. 288 pages.

Super Cover. The book is both in Ukrainian and English 











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